People who come to see me are:

  • Teenagers struggling with depression and anxiety from a number of sources.

Perhaps you are…

o  Encountering difficulties with peers and friendships—and are struggling to find your place.

o  Having a hard time liking yourself, and are constantly comparing yourself to your peers and fear you fall short.

o  Feeling exhausted and depleted in an attempt to sculpt yourself into the perfect college candidate.

o  Disappointed and discouraged about your relationship with your parents.

o  Feeling unseen and misunderstood.

o  Feeling overly scrutinized and held to too high of standards.

o  Feeling pressured to be transparent when doing so, you fear, would only result in punishment.

  • Parents struggling to know how to best help their depressed or anxious teen.

Perhaps you are…

o  Noticing you have a teen in distress, and are at a loss about how to help.

o  Uncertain about how much to “push” and how much to back off.

o  Feeling shut out and, therefore, like your hands are tied.