Fee & Office Hours: My fee is per 50 minutes sessions, and will be determined by the two of us.  I am not on insurance panels, but some PPO plans reimburse a percentage of the fee.  In this case, I can give you a more detailed bill that allows you to seek reimbursement.  My office hours are Monday-Friday until 8:30 p.m.

Appointments: Appointments are once (or sometimes twice) a week.  This regularity is important for deepening the work–to really engage more intrapsychic processes rather than the sort of “catch up” on what’s happened that less frequent work can entail.

The First Appointment: In the first appointment, I will ask you more about what has led you to seek therapy at this time and to tell me more about yourself.  This meeting will give both of us a chance to see if it feels like a relational “fit.”  And, I can let you know more about how I might approach working with you.